Assembly with Ms Atkins 27.3.20

Creative Task 27.3.20

Somewhere over the rainbow!

1. On paper draw a rainbow. You can colour, paint, or make a collage! You can be as creative as you like!

2. Stick it up in your window for people to see.

3. Take a picture of your rainbow.

EXTRA CHALLENGE- if you go for a walk today (don’t worry if you don’t! You don’t have to do the challenge) Count how many rainbows you see in people’s windows and you can post it on seesaw to me!

The picture is one Miss Mason made!

Maths task 27.3.20

Today, I would like you to go on a number hunt.

  1. Go around the house and find examples of numbers, I found some on food packets, books, barcodes, outside the window and many more
  2. Write down the numbers you find.
  3. Put the numbers in descending order (from biggest to smallest)

Challenge: What else can you do with these numbers? Can you add them? Multiply 2 of them together? Divide by 10, 100 or 1,000?

Writing Task 27.3.20

English task 27.3.20

100 word challenge What’s beyond the doorway?

Describe what you think might be behind this door.

Could it be a magical kingdom? Or a haunted garden? What would happen if you opened the door?

Today our focus is on punctuation. Ensure you have your full stops, capital letters and commas after a fronted adverbial.

Maths Task 26.03.20

Ordering numbers

  1. Create 5 4-digit numbers, then put them in ascending order from (smallest to largest).

2. Create 5 4-digit numbers whose digits add to 9, then put them in ascending order.

Repeat this with digits adding to 8, 7, 6 and 5.

eg. Create 5 4-digit numbers whose digits add to 10, then put them in ascending order.

My numbers could be: 34,012 40,231 90,100 36,010 and 34,021

The digits of these numbers all add to 10 (34,012 the digits 3+4+0+1+2=10) 34,012 34,021 36,010 40,231 90,100

4. Challenge: Try the attached reasoning problem